Why as women do we hold back from getting into the picture?
It’s a thought that tugs at the corners of my mind and, I suspect, in the minds of many women and particularly Mamas out there.

The truth is, we're often our own harshest critics. The lens becomes a mirror reflecting our perceived imperfections—those extra soft bits, the worry lines etched by countless sleepless nights, or the exhaustion that lingers beneath our eyes. We critique every flaw, forgetting that our children see us through a different lens—one that captures the beauty of love, resilience, and unwavering dedication.

So, why do we shy away from being in the frame?

The answer, my darling, is tangled in a web of societal expectations, self-criticism, and the relentless pursuit of an unattainable perfection. We put on a brave face, capture countless moments of our loved ones, yet hesitate to step into the spotlight ourselves. The behind-the-lens role becomes a comfort zone, shielding us from the vulnerability of being seen.

But here's the thing—I've come to realise that we're missing out on something profoundly beautiful.

In our quest for the perfect angle, the perfect lighting, and the perfect version of ourselves, we forget that perfection is a mirage. It's the imperfections—the real, messy, authentic moments—that define the essence of motherhood.

Why should we break free from this self-imposed confinement? Because, dear Mama, you are an integral part of your child's memories.

As a mother, I know you often put yourself last. It's the classic juggling act—balancing the needs of family, work, and personal life. The idea of stepping into the frame feels like an indulgence, a moment stolen from the relentless march of responsibilities. (And a little terrifying, let's be honest!)

But let me tell you, your presence in those photos is not just a gift to yourself; it's a treasure for your children. They don't see the perceived flaws; they see the woman who kissed away their tears, the hands that held them close, and the heart that beats in sync with theirs.

So, how do we shift the narrative? How do we break free from self-criticism and step into the frame with confidence?

It starts with embracing imperfections, recognizing that every line and mark tells a story of resilience and love. It's about letting go of the pursuit of an unattainable standard and embracing the beautifully imperfect reality of motherhood.

So a challenge - get yourself in the frame. Be present in the visual narrative of your family's story. Whether it be a shoot with a photographer or by just asking someone in your life to pick up the camera! Because when your babies look back at these photos, they won't see imperfections; they'll see YOU, their beautiful Mama who showed up, loved unconditionally, and created a wonderland of memories.

It's not about capturing the perfect image; it's about capturing the perfect love that defines your motherhood journey. After all, your presence is the most beautiful detail in the magic that is your family's story.

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