Why do we try so hard to present a perfect version of childhood?
What are we afraid the truth may show us?

In the world of family photography, there's often a pressure to create picture-perfect moments that fit the traditional mold of childhood. But here's the truth—we're missing out on the raw, messy, and utterly beautiful essence of letting kids be kids. Why is it that we find it so hard to let the camera capture the truth of their childhood, the real, unscripted joy, and chaos?

I don’t know the answer. But I do want to be a part of the solution.

I want to have REAL conversations, I want to know what it is in your child's life that makes their heart race with excitement. What adventures they dream of. What goes through their mind when they're lost in play. I want them to feel safe and heard and loved through every snapshot, capturing the magic of their childhood.

If we all start to give a damn about the truth and not the polished version of it, I think we will all start to see that childhood is a beautiful, messy journey that we're meant to embrace together.

So how am I doing this?

I am just being real with the families I work with.

I am capturing vulnerability.

And not in any overly staged way! In a session, I just let kids be themselves, uncensored. There is of course always going to be moments of direction, but they involve play and laughter and a genuine interest in your little one and who they are as a person. I find the more genuine we are in capturing the essence of childhood, the more we allow kids to be their authentic selves. It's about freezing those untamed moments, the laughter, the curiosity, and even the little meltdowns, because that's what makes their journey uniquely beautiful.

Letting Kids Be Kids: So what does that actually look like in a session with me?

+ Embracing Playfulness: We will let the sessions unfold naturally by encouraging play. Whether it's chasing butterflies, building sandcastles, or climbing trees, capturing the genuine joy of play creates timeless memories.

+ Being Patient and Observant: The best moments often happen when you least expect them. Allow children to explore and express themselves. It's my job to be patient, observe, and let the magic unfold organically.

+ Documenting Real Emotions: Children experience a wide range of emotions. I won't shy away from capturing the tears, the laughter, and the expressions that make each child unique. These authentic moments tell a story beyond the surface.

+ Picking an awesome location: Choosing locations that allow for freedom and exploration. Natural settings, parks, and open spaces provide a canvas for genuine interactions and unscripted adventures. As does the walls of your own home!

+ Creating Memories, Not Poses: Instead of rigid poses, focus on creating memories. I'll capture the little gestures, the shared glances, and the genuine connections between you and yours. These candid moments are treasures that last a lifetime.

+ Celebrating Their Uniqueness: Every child is different, and that's what makes each session special. Embrace the uniqueness of each child, their interests, and quirks. Celebrate the individuality that makes them who they are.

In a world that often strives for perfection, let's create a space where kids can simply be kids.

Through authentic photography sessions, we have the power to freeze the fleeting moments of childhood, preserving the raw beauty that makes each child's journey truly extraordinary.